Radio Amani opens at 5am-12am every weekday and 6am-8pm every weekend. There are five programs from Monday to Friday namely:

  • Taswira  mambo yalivyo
  • Charuka
  • Amani Drive
  • Amani Usiku

And over the weekends we have 4 programs respectively


  • Taswira Jumamosi
  • Jivinjari
  • Tugaragaze Viwanjani


  • Tumshangilie Bwana
  • Mass
  • Burudani la wazito
  • Imani Yetu


TaswiraAsubuhi program hosted from 6am-10am

Taswira Mambo Yalivyo is a program that airs every day of the week i.e. Monday to Friday from 6 am to 10 am. Taswira program is an informative, educative and entertaining targeting the general audience. Taswira means getting a clear view of how the day is, through its events and happenings.

Taswira Mambo Yalivyo is a program that looks at issues that are relevant to the community. It highlights social issues, governance issues where a platform is provided for leaders to engage with the people. Taswira also partners with none governmental organizations (NGOs) to empower people on governance issues, citizen participation and accountability.

Taswira Mambo Yalivyo also gives prominence issues pertaining security, in this regard Nakuru OCPD sets aside time to talk about security in the county.

The program also engages experts in the field of education and law to bring into perspective issues that are both of national and how they relate to the people at the community level.

On religious aspects, Taswira Mambo Yalivyo has segments geared towards spiritual nourishment; the saint of the day is analyzed, the gospel of the day is read and reflected upon. The rosary prayer airs in the morning together with the angelus at 6am daily.

Program Outline

5:00am-5.30am    Introduction of the program, saint of the day, and gospel of the day.

5.30am-6:00am    Rosary prayer

6.00am                 the Angelus

6.10am6:25am    Shajaraya radio Amani (news bulletin)

6.30am-6.50am    Newspaper review (daily nation and the standard), presenter mention classifieds adverts.

7:00am7:20am   Shajaraya Radio Amani (news bulletin)

7.15am-7.30am,   Music, interaction with listeners, putting into perspective issues that are current and significant to citizens of Nakuru County

7.30am                 SafuyaBiashara (news bulletin)

7.50am                 Pita Pitaza County a program that gives a platform to residents from different counties to air their opinion on diverse issues happening in the country

8:00am-9:00am   Topic of the day, discussion on a topical issue relevant to the audience/guest in the studio.


Charuka is the second program on air at Radio Amani from 10am -1pm every week day. The program is mainly for the youth and the people who are busy working on their daily routines. The program also looks at issues that mainly affects the youth ranging from education, jobs, social activities, drug abuse among others. It also updates on current activities that happen on social circles, entertainment and developments that are of interest to the audience.

All topics and discussions are geared to the church teaching making it easier for listeners to relate with their faith. Angelus is played at 12.00pm; it gives the program the religious aspect.

Pochopocho Za Maamkuli segment deals with food in terms of nutrition, cooking methods and hygiene.  It involves professionals like chefs who use their knowledge to educate listeners on new and proper cooking methods. This program has facilitated sponsors like hotels and catering industries that have partnered or shown interest thus a source of revenue for the Radio.

Charuka program also plays East African music (bongo and others).

Programme outline

9am-10am   Salaam Mtaani. Listeners get the opportunity to send greetings to each other either through sms and call ins.

10am-11am           update on current music, gossip from various artists, update on upcoming event.

11am-12am JuaMsanii Wako. Concentrates mainly on local artist, the audience gets to know more of their artist, latest album/song, personal life and any controversy that goes with celebrity.12:00noon       Angelus

12am – 1pm:        Pochopocho Za Maamkuli.  Being almost lunch time the program gives listeners an opportunity to know their favorites meals and contribute their ideas on different methods of cooking. The segment also allows listeners to wish each other good lunch as the program winds up.

Segments of each day

Monday     Mad Monday. Relieving people from the Monday blues and checking up on the weekend.

Tuesday     talent day: identify different talent from the youths around our county and host them on air

Wednesday love day. Highlight light issues on relationship, birthdays call them via studio phones

Thursday   Thirsty Thursday-play old bongo

Friday                  Free style Friday.


This is an evening drive program. The program runs weekly from 2pm-7pm. The program aims at solving different issues that affect the listener for him/her to have a smooth and peaceful evening. The program provides an informative, thoughtful and creative look at the day’s events and for people to unwind from the day’s activities; it drives people smoothly home from work. The program mainly targets mature adult’s audience. The music played in the program has a relaxing or relaxation aim. The genre of music played include; rhumba, country, soul, gospel in English and Swahili.


2pm-3pm             preparation of chaplet prayer

3.00pm-3.30pm    Chaplet of divine mercy

Due to their busy schedules throughout the day, many don’t get enough time to know what’s happening and through this they may have a glimpse of the happening before they reach home. Most listeners at this time are driving home, some still in the office, some at the psv stage heading home, some in supermarkets, some listening through phones while walking home, and some relaxing at home.

4.00 pm -4.15pm  shajara

4.15pm-5pm         Reggea and trending issues

6:00pm                Angelus

6:10-6:30pm        safu ya biashara

6:20 pm-7.00 pm Holy mass  

7:00pm                Shajara ya Radio Amani

7:30pm-8:00pm   Holy rosary

  • Monday-Work Related Issues. Sometimes work causes difficulties that can affect other aspects of your life. Here will have a look at issues such as job burnout, job stress, and overwork, job promotions among other issues.
  • Tuesday-Social Issues- refer to issues that influence and are opposed by a considerable number of individuals within a society. Society social Issues can be defined as problems or matters, which affect a person, a group of persons or the whole society in general, either directly or indirectly. Social issues in society thus, have a very wide scope.
    It is often the consequence of factors extending beyond an individual’s control and local geographical environment. In some cases, a social issue is the source of a conflicting opinion on the grounds of what is perceives as a morally just, personal life or societal order. Different societies have different perceptions, and “normal” behavior in one society may be a significant social issue in another society. So basically in this program it sorts to look out for such issues and discuss with the listener, here can have a study case or a vox pop done on the same issue.

Tuesday 5-6pm there is a sports round-up which is called MichezoKemKem which main points of entry is giving all sports round up from local clubs to their profile, national sports and international results and happenings of sports.

  • Wednesday-Relationship Issues (counselor in studio/study case)
  • Thursday -KwamuaMsikizaji-here a listener brings his/her problem to other listeners and some assistance through the listeners’ advices can assist, a decision is however not made for the listener.
  • Friday-Parenting Issues (expert in studio/study case).Handles the parent-child issues and gives opinions and what to do in different circumstances.


“Amani Usiku” is a Swahili translation for peace at night. Having peace at night is a pre-requisite for a more energetic community.

The community is always ready to wake up in the morning more atheistic to venture positively into day’s activities. This yields into productivity and positive development of a person.

The Amani Usiku program profiles issues that enable community to grow socially and spiritually. Issues that affect the community socially and spiritually are the issues that Amani Usiku brings out of discussion, debates, learning and highlighting with music being predominantly rhumba, same for when spiritual matters are on order, paper or days designed for them, the program brings peace to the individual and community.

Monday 8-9Najimuudu show-this show brings on board the challenges, solutions and successes of the challenges that the physically and mentally challenged go through. It is sponsored by the Small Homes Program of the Catholic Diocese of Nakuru. The Najimudu program which translated in English means ‘I am managing’ basically highlights the children with physical and mental challenges and how their parents, the small home program and other stakeholders have come to accept, appreciate, embrace and help them improve on their lives. Through hosting guests and going to the field for recording, the program aims to enable the community to appreciate that disability is not inability.

9:30pm-12:00pm the show tackles family issues from selected and prepared topics. Usually the issues here mainly affect the nuclear family. The program aims at enabling the community to appreciate that family is the basic cell of the community and that a stable and peaceful family results into a stable and peaceful community.

Tuesday 8pm-9pm Safari yaHaki Na Imani is a program that is sponsored by Catholic Justice and Peace Commission at Nakuru Diocese. Life is a journey and this journey needs justice that is faith based. God is the author of the justice whether social, political communal or environmental. With the staff from catholic justice and peace commission (CJPC)-Nakuru diocese co-hosts, the program tackles social, political, communal and environmental justice, each in its own program. It is usually a live show where, when needs lie, experts are brought on board to give a professional guide to issues of discussion.

Wednesday 9:30pm-12:00am with the touch of Taarab music, the topics for discussions and engagement deal with relationships. The aim here is to keep the love burning in families anJum d those who have chosen the vocation to marriage.

Thursday8:00pm-9:00 pm Jumuiya ya Amani Usiku is translated into a ‘community of the peace at night fans’ in Swahili. In this segment the community of Radio Amani sets aside their time for prayer and reflections. The gospel is read, reflected on and it gives insights and bidding prayers. This set follows the sequence set by the small Christian communities’ popularly known as jumuiya in the Catholic Church structure.

9:30pm-12pm Being a prayer day this segment still focuses on the gospel of the day and presents a short bible study forum. This is followed by a discussion which enriches our spiritual well being and strengthens ecumenism with the Amani Usiku fraternity.

Friday 8pm-12pm Amani  Night is a relaxing and dancing session. Having worked hard the whole week and weekend is looming, the program appreciates the importance of music as a tool for peace. Greetings and requests by listeners dominate the program. Good feeling and appreciation of status, class, tribe and geographical location is the aim of Amani Night.